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Our Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy set out below governs all of the supplies of Products and Services of any member of the Online IT Limited (“Online IT Limited”, “Online IT”, “we”, “us”) to the customer (“you”).  It covers the use of any Website as defined below in 1.1.  This replaces any Privacy Policy contained in any document used by you and purporting to have contractual effect, and your acceptance of any Products or Services from Online IT Ltd, or the visitation to any of the websites defined below, indicates your acceptance of this Policy.

1. In this policy:
1.1  “Software” includes all relevant documentation, manuals, printed and written matter; “Supplier” means Online IT Ltd’s suppliers; “Service” means all goods and services we provide and anything else we do for you, including allowing you to access our Website; “Products” means computer hardware, peripherals, accessories, Software and other goods of any kind which are supplied by Online IT Ltd to you primarily for by you; “Website” means any internet website owned and operated by Online IT Ltd or any Website we host on behalf of other organizations; “you” means you, the person/organisation using our services, or visiting our Website.

2. Other policies applying to our services
2.1  In addition to our Privacy Policy, our General Site Policy applies to your use of our services. Please read it in conjunction with this policy. It includes our site management rights. You can find a link to our General Site Policy at the end of this Privacy Policy.

3. Visitors
3.1  If you are just surfing and reading information on our Websites then the following information will be collected about your visit:

1.       The IP address of your machine when connected to the Internet and the domain name from which you are accessing the Internet;
2.       The operating system and the browser your computer uses, and any search engine you are using;
3.       The date and time you are visiting;
4.       The URLs of the pages you visit;
5.       If you provide it, your email address.

3.2  This information is used to measure the number of visitors to different parts of the websites and, for example, to measure the effectiveness of advertising. Although aggregated information about usage patterns may be published, information about individual machines is not disclosed except for the reasons set out below.
3.3  We do not sell information which identifies you personally or your organisation.

3.4  More extensive information may be gathered if we are concerned, for example, about security issues. If we think it is necessary, we can disclose information to relevant law enforcement authorities, such as the Police or the Department of Internal Affairs.

4. Online IT Ltd customers

4.1  Online IT Ltd Terms of Trade & Service outlines our commitments to you regarding collecting, holding and using information about you.

5. Changing this policy
5.1  This policy may be changed from time to time as required.  All changes will be advised by posting an updated policy on our Website. Any changes apply from the date of posting on the Website.