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Whats The Process

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Our view is, that a solution is only a solution, if it actually solves a problem, achieves a goal or satisfies a need. We strongly believe in and place great emphasis on design, as the foundation block of a scalable solution. So, to ensure we engineer the right solution, this is the process we work through.

Each stage must be agreed upon and signed-off, BEFORE we progress to the next stage.

1.   Audit – A full review of what’s happening in your business now, what’s going wrong/needs fixing and recommendations about how things could be improved. Get cracking now with a free, no obligation 2 hour review of your systems and processes.

2.   Design – A detailed specification of our suggested design of new systems, software, hardware & processes.

3.   Plan – A detailed plan of how to implement the design along with a timeline, milestones, costs and assigned tasks.

4.   Project Manage – We’ll work with your internal IT people or we’ll manage the entire project from beginning to end.

5.   Build – We’ll source, evaluate, recommend and procure all the components required to build new IT infrastructure, including all software, hardware & telecommunications.

6.   Support – We’ll answer your questions directly and promptly and, provide the level of support you think you’ll need.