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As small to medium-sized enterprises grow, they put increasing pressure on their IT systems to support them. To maintain customer service levels and keep up with business demand, an assortment of software, hardware and telecommunications systems are sometimes implemented in order to stump-up capacity. Business owners can find themselves taking a reactive or “band-aid” approach to systems planning and development.

The risk to business continuity becomes clear, when things go wrong and customer service levels suffer. When frontline staff can’t access business data during periods of downtime, customers get what they want from competitors. A lack of stability and scalability, limits the businesses ability to meet the demands of future growth. Trying to manage an increasingly complex and disparate network environment becomes, quite simply, a nightmare.

If you were thinking you need a big budget to outsource network management and support, think again. We know you have similar issues to your larger enterprise-sized counterparts so, we’ve designed network management services specifically for SME businesses.

Simplifying your IT environment through more efficient design and proactive management, is the fundamental philosophy that underpins our Total Integrated Management framework.